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Welcome to First Choice Auto. We are a small family owned business located in Newburgh, Maine. We have been in business since 1994. We pride ourselves on selling quality used cars and light trucks at wholesale prices. In fact, we will match any competitors price on a comparable vehicle. While we do our best to ensure every customer has a dependable vehicle that lasts, sometimes problems arise and we do our best to make our customer happy. With over 1000 vehicles sold since our opening, we feel our name and word of mouth we'll be what continues to make our business successful in the years in come.

All of our retail cars sold at first choice auto come with a 14 day plate and 30 day 500 miles warranty. We fell is there are any hidden problems with a vehicle they should arise within 500 miles. This is a 50/50 warranty. This means heaven forbid the engine goes at 400 miles, we will pay for half of the parts and labor. Hopefully things of this nature never arise, but with used cars one never knows. Some protection is better than no protection.

Most of our vehicles are purchased at dealer only auctions in Central and Southern Maine. All vehicles purchased at auction come with an automatic VIN check to ensure the title is clean and there have been no major accidents reported, or mileage discrepancies.

While other dealers feel the need to charge anywhere from $100 to $300 in paperwork, we do not feel this is something we should pass on to our customers. The only fees we charge is the state sales tax and title fee which we have no control over. Please remember we do not charge sales tax, we collect sales tax and title fees.

We have built our business on wholesale pricing. There are many dealers who sell vehicles you have to tow off the lot. If you buy one of these, chances are it may not be the last time it arrives home on a wrecker. Many times our prices are the same or less than "as is" vehicles. And ours come with an inspection sticker and you can drive it off the lot.