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All Repairs Come With A standard warranty.

Here at First Choice Auto we service every vehicle we sell. We have the latest in diagnostic tools, and strive to give you comparable service which you would find at bigger shops without the high cost. We only repair what needs to be repaired and never try and sell unneeded service. We offer fair, honest service since our opening in 1994. Our goal is to repair every vehicle that comes into our shop at the lowest price with an emphasis on getting it right the first time

State Inspections
First Choice Auto is a state licensed inspection station. We strive to inspect every vehicle so it is first and foremost safe. We do not "hunt" for problems that may never arise, but instead look for any item on a vehicle that could be unsafe. While it is no secret the rust issue in our state has gotten progressively worse over the last five years, we do our best to look for any areas that may need immediate attention. Without going overboard and try and make a used car brand new. This is impossible. We do not operate like other dealers who find something expensive to fix on your car whether it needs it or not. Again, a state inspection is meant to point out any problems that need immediate attention, not a means of up-selling unnecessary repairs.

Subaru Service
We can provide full service of your Subaru at a much lower cost than the dealer. Some of the specials we offer are head gaskets replaced with new timing belt for $995.00. Timing belt replacement for $225.00. Front brakes replaced with new rotors $175.00. Rear brakes replaced with new rotors $165.00.

Call us at (207) 234-2396 to arrange for an appointment or use our Service Request Form 24 hours a day.


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